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All Clients, old and new, are welcome to use the Mobile Phone number to reach me.

Solicitations are prohibited in each case and this notice shall also serve as a request to be removed from your call list. (This does not apply to any local Kitsap and Jefferson County businesses that I deal with for my electrical work.)

Insurance Policy data is available on a per request basis. It can be faxed  for "on file" needs.

*Qualified to work Independently- Please be aware that if you see "electricians" advertising their services for hire at very low rates, these tradesmen may not be licensed to do this work in a contractor-capacity. A Certified Electrician is not Bonded and they do not have liability insurance. You could be left with little or no recourse when improper work is done.

Since this work cannot be inspected unless you, as the homeowner, pull the permit & take credit for the work, then you could also be liable for fines if it is discovered that an 'unlicensed contractor' did the work on your permit.

Protect yourself and ask if they are a licensed contractor, and not simply a certified electrician. You may also visit the Labor and Industries website: 

At this site, you may look up a person's or contractor's status (myself included) with our licensing agency. It is a way that you may protect yourself without calling attention to an individual that you may not have a desire to prosecute.

License Number:  TODDSSE956QD

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Since I am Mobile, the map represents the approximate center of my local, IMMEDIATE RESPONSE Service Area 

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