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Why Use Todd Stevens Electric?

TSE is a licensed, bonded and insured Contractor AND Electrician.

(Qualified to work Independently)* - see Contact Us page for further information.


Working with a one-man operation, you have the advantage of knowing that the work being done is getting the attention of the business owner, the person who will be taking responsibly for the quality completion of your project or repair.

While many employees are dedicated to their craft, for others it's just a job, and this lack of care can show in the final product.

Experience Shows!

Each electrical job, installation or problem presents a challenge in creativity. While the goal of the work is to achieve an obvious end, the path to that end can be elusive.

In homes that can range from something built a month before, to one that was built a century or more earlier, intimate knowledge of what lies behind finished surfaces is invaluable.

My background includes years working with full and partial, all-phase remodels of homes in San Francisco and the Gold Country and Wine Country of California, as well as ground-up construction of new homes and condominiums. In Washington, all remodel and repair work has been strictly electrical, taking advantage of my past experience and knowledge.

Specific older wiring systems require special attention and care when repairing or tying into them. I have worked extensively with these things, permitted and inspected.